Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wireless 1080p HDTV everywhere.

What's so great about WHDI? You'll be able to connect a TV wirelessly to a home theater receiver, TV can be extra-slim TV because they don't need all of those internal electronics. Or, think of being able to watch and control a Blu-ray disk wirelessly from your home theater on any TV in the house, even 100 feet away. Imagine being able to play and control your Xbox 360 located in the bedroom, wirelessly while you sit in your home theater. That's what's coming with WHDI 2.0.

Now what would be nifty, is if you can decide what channel should be sent to which source. So as mentioned in the earlier article, the race is on between USB 3.0 and WHDI.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Samsung leads the way.

So you want to know what is going on with LED TV. All the cynical questions are there. There is also a chat about all the internet widgets, so you can chat on Yahoo as you are watching TV. There is a lot here, and it is an excellent view of the future, and Samsung are way way ahead of others.

This is Slim (LED TV)

Check out this video, it shows how slim these TVs are

USB 3.0 and HDMI clash

USB is already used in a wide range of products including peripheral equipment like personal computers (PC) and monitors, camcorders, digital cameras, portable media players (PMP) and mobile phones. It continues to survive in the wildly fluctuating PC and mobile industries, and has become firmly established. ... HDMI, on the other hand, has spread primarily in televisions, optical disc drives and other home-use AV equipment. It grew abruptly with new concepts like High-Vision TV and full-high definition (full-HD) imagery, taking the throne in the AV equipment industry. In the first half of 2009 the next-generation specification will be solidified, targeting new fields like mobile and automotive equipment, and marking its full-fledged entry into the mobile sector."
This article has everything you wanted to know about USB and HDMI technology, that you were afraid to ask about. Learn all about USB 3.0 and the new mini HDMI.