Monday, 13 August 2012

Windows Security and IBM T60 Titanium vs Samsung Galaxy Note GT-7000.

I was using Windows from the day it was launched. Yes I am 55. We have come to a point nowadays that Windows has become useless.

You know when a device is useless, when you use another device, to write about the old device. And I am using my Samsung Galaxy Note or GT-7000 to write about Windows.

Perhaps the best Windows device was the IBM T60 made of Titanium. It is light, and like and old Rolls Royce, timeless. I put Windows XP on it and it is perfect with MS Office. That is as far as Windows is good for. You can buy one for £100. It was £2500 in 2006.

But what is annoying with Windows is security. I have tried them all. SuperAntispyware gave me a lifetime update licence. And guess what it finds? Look at the photo. It is Google's tracking cookies. Even with Chrome Ad Blocker they are there. But Internet Explorer with SuperAntispyware does not let them in. And that combo works.

With Windows you feel insecure all the time. To make it super safe, I just turn off the WiFi, by sliding the switch in front of the IBM T60. I tether it to my Samsung Note. And I switch the tether off. There is no way anything can get into Windows then.

This way your PC does not just turn on out of the blue, via your land line connection. So no more paranoia. When was the last time you disconnected via your pc? Get a T61 and just breathe.

To block ads use Internet Explorer with SuperAntispyware's Ad blocker. It is faster with no ads, as you get fantastic surfing. Microsoft does not follow you. Chrome or Google do, and they put trackers in. SuperAntispyware removes them. Chrome or Firefox's Ad Block, block ads, but Google still follows you and sells that info to ad companies. Very sneaky.

So after all these years, and loads of desktops and workstations, I have a good old trusted very affordable IBM T60. It does what Windows can do (which is not a lot) admirably. Social networking and photography on the fly, it does not do.

Samsung Galaxy Note, and all those social networking and photographic and video editing tools via Google Play, are far more superior and easier to use. Take it out of your pocket, surf and share. Easy.

Just look at this report. I took the photo with the camera in Samsung Galaxy Note. Then selected share, and put it in the Blogger app and typed this in. Simple and clean. Job done. And of course it is fast and secure. The share feature in Android, makes all sorts of concepts possible. That is where Windows lost the game.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Silent Revolution

Yes I had ignored this blog for a while. I just got bored being in this "pass the parcel" information distribution fad.

That is what is happening. We are just pawns in this "hey look what I found" game. I do it all the time.

It is all right to do it some of the time. But when it comes to just helping some people make money from nothing, it seems silly.

I have been recently involved with all this so called Disruptive Technology and thought "hmm we have a silent revolution going on here" duh.

Disruptive Technology

I remember when I just started my first job, I used leave work at 5:30pm, and I did not think about work until 9am next day.

Conversely, I remember when I got to work at 9am, I did not have to think about home until 5:30pm.

Later on, I bought this new phone, with email in it. I felt a new freedom. I was released from my desk and desktop. I could have a Big Mac in one hand, and type a letter in my Sony Ericsson.

Then everyone had Blackberrys. Work email would arrive at home. You felt you could leave home early. But something quite sinister was happening. You no longer shut the office out of your life.

People would get emails from their boss, telling them something, and suddenly their meal would get stuck half way down their throat. If it happened in a middle of a little family discussion, you would end up with a massive domestic. It was disruptive.

In 90's we all joined instant messenging sites, and our friends and family would get in touch with us for free. We had skype and msn chat. With them we could stay in touch with our kin at home. We could keep in touch whilst at work.  But the wife would tell you off, suddenly your chin would drop, and everyone at work would notice. How embarrasing. That was disruptive.

Nowadays with Androids and iPhones, we all use Twitter and Facebook, and are able to share info from the workplace to the whole world. The corporations cannot block it. New firewalls have to be created to control all of it. They call it Disruptive Technology.

We have had a revolution at work and at home, that has changed the way we interact in the most radical way in human history.

I miss the old world.