Sunday, 21 September 2008

Palm Treo Pro

I am a member of an Iranian Forum called iranunited, Ordangi said that this is good phone. At that time I was really keen on the Nokia E71, Blackberry Bold. I got the E71 really quick from Vodafone in UK, and put it back in the box, as it did not copy paste or play You Tube.

I already have a Blackberry 8310, and it really sucked bad on T-Mobile. Good cheap contract, but where I live, the reception varies from the all important toilet to the kitchen, and the TV room. It is really crazy, as it changes from one sofa to the next.

So I said I would go on the Vodafone network, and wow what a difference. Now, back to the phones, I called Vodafone, and they said they have a pile of requests for the Blackberry Bold, and it will take ages. So I asked them about the Pro, and they thought I was talking about HTC Pro, and I said no, its the Palm Treo Pro.

Palm used to be the most advanced machine in your palm once, and it just went down hill for a while. So the fact that Vodafone geeks had no knowledge was good news. It is cheap, and very very good value, and better than all the others.

I have spent all this week-end mucking about with it, trying to find something desperately wrong with it. There isn't any. I can actually run two browsers on it simultaneously and make it act like a desktop. Why? Well Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional has touch screen, and so can copy paste, but does not run You Tube. You can do that thumb scroll for that reason. But Opera Mobile can thumb scroll but cannot copy paste, but will do You Tube. Opera has tab browsing. So get a 4 Gig micro sd premier from for £16 and you are powered to blog.

For really easy free video viewing you can get vtap. If you go to MSN you will see that they recomment a great piece of kit called Vtap that will download easily and run Videos from You Tube and elsewhere. So that leaves the only bad part of the Palm Treo. It is so new that there are no fancy crystal cases, or leather pouches yet. Also the camera is not huge mega pixel, but the quality is good for 2 mega pixel, and that is why the phone is so thin. Palm have put some really neat short cuts in. For example if you want to look up something, then you can just type it in the Google search from the main screen. Then you have the unbelievable Sat Nav. Having a touch screen whist you are driving is brilliant. You can use that little Blackberry ball. And when you are stitting down, having a stylus is very important to pick the text or move around the screen.

So yeah, thanks Oradangi, spot on. Shame iranunited is down at the moment.

So yeah, well done Palm, and get some nice covers and really show the world the quality of the workmanship. It is to me the Apple of Pocket PCs.

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