Friday, 6 March 2009

Blackberry Bold saved me

Last night the telephone line went dead. The internet was still working. I had to call BT to get it fixed. I happened to have another landline, but at the wait was awful with all those buttons to press. I was told to use the internet to get it done fast. Duh! What do you do? I used this Blackberry Bold that I am using to type right now, to browse over to and actually managed to fill out the forms using the Opera Mini browser. All along the phone was waiting in the queuing system for a human to answer. Well I had a text back from BT they were on the case, and still no one had picked up. Finally a lady answered and said that it was requested already. So I get up to answer the front the bell and it is the BT man and it was all sorted. So the moral of the story is, get a mobile phone with a good browser and if you can't type a Blackberry. Thanks be to all who keep all this stuff going. The world is getting better all the time and we don't need one person all the time, but when one of us goes down (as did BT) the other systems are there to help. Rock on.

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