Monday, 8 December 2008

From Blackberry Storm to Blackberry Bold again

Crazy isn't it. I have now done a full circle. A while back, I was really wound up on the new Bold. When it came, it looked enormous compared to my 8310. But now a bunch of new phones later, I can see where the designers are going.

The bold is bigger, but it is easier on the fingers, and the screen is not a compromise compared to the Storm. What the Storm lacks is cursor control. Actually I saw a colleague at work, who had just got a Google Phone or the G-1, and that have a roller ball. That is what the Storm should have done. Fiddling around on the screen with your fingers is useless. With a scroll, it can land on the smallest button or link, and make it work. Try hitting a small link with your finger. Now with the phones that have styluses like the Palm Treo Pro it is ok, but there you have other problems with the browsers and the email.

So the Bold wins big time. It does not have touch screen, but you need it, as much as you need touch screen on your computer. The email, and the browser, and in particular two particular add-ons are really neat. Read on.

Google Sync is a cool tool if you want to truly release the mobile phone from the computer. Actually come to think of it, I have not connected my new Bold to the PC and etc. Why? Because I just downloaded Google Synch and all my Gmail contacts and appointments were synchronized over the air. And speaking of Over The Air or OTA, this is where Blackberry is really winning. The OTA software make the Blackberry mobiles truly independent.

And the very best OTA software has to be the Opera Mini. Download that into the Blackberry Bold 9000 and you have a superb mix. WOW! Now you don't have that error I spotted and posted all over the net. The one where the text does not indent automatically when posting on bulletin boards or forums. Opera opens another window, you edit it and it just posts it in the forum box. Superb. Especially if you are addicted to

So there you have it. If you want to Blog and post on the web and don't want to use a computer, you can do it in a Blackberry Bold 9000. And the best network, with the most helpful people are the folks at Vodafone. They have put up with all my switching. Hats off to all of you.

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