Thursday, 18 December 2008

Samsung NV100HD - 14.5 mega pixels and instant HDTV pictures

I am a Samsung fan. I love the company. They give you so much more for your money than the Jap equivalents. And it is not as if they make the same but cheaper, but they do make some major advances. Look at the NV11 camera with its innovative buttons. So much to do, and can do, and you do not have wheels to turn etc.

But as usual I spend my time reading other reviewers who take a cynical view of innovation. Most of the reviews of the new NV100HD are bad. I don't think one of their bad comments are valid. It is not heavy. It is light and very small. It is very bright, and the pictures are amazing.

Now many people who buy DSLRs have to defend the fact that they have coughed up at least £500 or three times the price of this 14.5 megapixel baby. The reviewers will tell you that you don't need it. But you do if you have a Samsung Full HD TV. This is how easy it is to impress people. Imagine a camera the size of your fingers. You shut off the flash, and you take pictures of your friends and family quietly. Then you drop it into the cradle and sit there with the remote control on a 50 inch massive high definition tv. How does that strike you?

Well folks that is what this little wonder can do. And nothing else can do it right now. Not at Full HD. I am not going into the other stuff it can do, I am just being really practical. Well maybe one other geeky thing. This camera has multifocus and the high pixel count means that you can really edit things afterwards. So buy a Samsung TV and this camera and you have an instant set up with no software or computers in the way, and later on when you are editing photos you can really zoom in because it is whopping 14.5 mega pixels but it is small and quite thin.


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