Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sony TV - big WOW ! - NOT

A 50Hz and 100Hz Television had noticeable frame buffering problems during panning and flying sequences in the demo footage, while the 200Hz model was sharper and had richer colours.
You read comments like that, and you think "wow" that must be so important, and that I will notice it. I work with these TVs (I sell them at Currys), and I see them all day, with lousy feeds and excellent feeds. Customers come and go, and most struggle to tell the difference between 50 and 100 Hz, let alone 200 hz. Gimmicks, well not, because, gamers will see it. If you are looking at the same type of text constantly moving along, you will eventually see it. So if you are a news junkie, or a stock market trader, looking at the ticker tape, ok you will see the little shuddery moves. Sony are a little late in the game, with Samsung 6 and 7 series out in the shops already, with these faster screens. But to top it off, you have LG producing some excellent 200hz ones already for very good prices. But I suppose this is just the sort of PR game Sony have been playing for so long, that have gotten them where they are. I had this couple who came in recently, and it was "Sony, Sony Sony" all the way. They were looking at a outdated technology, but "oh, it's a Sony". lol.

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