Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Human Eye vs Telecine, Judder and Anti-judder, Motion Flow

The human eyes persistence of vision takes care of smoothing this anomaly apart from some situations like slow panning or spinning objects.

This is exactly the situation we TV salesmen have to explain to customers. I usually line up the customers in front of a 50, 100, 200 Hz machines, and ask them to weigh their differences. The price differences are immense. We have a pretty bad feed going through them, to see how good they are in making it better, in what is known as "upscaling".

What I find difficult to appreciate, is how some companies really try to validate their technology, when the primary difficulty, as the article clearly states, is source related. This problem is called Telecine, and all the manufacturers pretend they have sorted the problem out, when it is really being done by the eye itself. That causes more stress on the eyes in the long run. But what really annoys me is how Sony's PR pays sites to make it look as if the problem is solved, when it is not. Some sites at least have told the world that a lot of this is not to be taken too seriously.

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