Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Nokia N97 - a useless blogging tool, Blackberry Bold 9000 still wins.

Above is a link to Nokia's forum where there is a thread, with many screaming about the useless cut and paste functionality in web pages. As a Blogger, you challenge. It makes life a lot easier if a machine like N97, went just a little bit extra by allowing the touch screen to select blocks of text or words, so that we can drop them into our blogs. That way we can clearly point out when an article is wrong. Unlike my Blackberry Bold 9000, the N97 cannot drop texts into text of sites like Blogger, to write a Blog. To produce this article I had to send the link via email in the N97. So it allows you to capture the url and puts it in a text message or email, but that's it. Its clipboard then is limited to email and text messaging. What a shame, in what is otherwise a really beautiful piece of kit. Below is my unique experience as a Blogger. If you are not a mobile "on the go" Blogger, then ignore it.

The media interface is nice, even though there is no accelerometer. You have to open the keyboard for the landscape layout to work. There is no option for column layout of web pages. All this means is that you have to tap around on the screen a lot. Imagine me with a sandwich. Half the sandwich would end up on the phone. As it is, I have to use my Blackberry Bold with the left hand, and eat the sandwich with the right hand, and there is little mess. The N97 has a normal phone alphanumeric screen in portrait mode that allows cut and paste. But it is a serious waste of space. You have to use the normal phone key pad, and then once you get the print showing in the box above, you can run your fingers over it, and they will highlight for cut and paste. You can't do it any other way, by using a cursor as there isn't one. So it's jam and marmalade all over the screen. So then you open the keyboard where it is easier to type, but you are so limited in what you can do. All that space, and that is wasted too. Why, because some clever dingdong decided to not have that touch screen shading you had in portrait mode, in landscape mode. Nightmare! Why can't they make that into an iphone inputting system, which then becomes a virtual screen in any language you want, that uses an accelerometer in landscape. Now that would sway me. That way you have a bold and iphone in it as well, and it would then replace a laptop.

The N97 has the potential of being a thumber scroller blogger phone like the Bold, but it fails badly at the moment. It seems to be targeted at passive browsers only, that are not web editors. I actually wrote this with great difficulty, with two hands, using that silly space key and a dumb shift key, as I am used to the more intelligent Blackberry Bold keys. Ok the multimedia side of things are brilliant and we can't blame Nokia for not having enough widgets yet, which will eventually surpass the iphone, as the operating system is open. But I seriously wonder what type of brains are at work at Nokia, if they slip up so easily.

So I hope that some clever Blogger will create a cut and paste system for blocks of text. I hope that the new Skyfire will allow it, and all will be fine. So yeah, for £500, it leaves a little to be desired outside the world of entertainment. It is then not a replacement for the good old Blackberry Bold 9000 fitted with a Mini Opera. Maybe Opera will come up with the cut and paste solution for N97? In the mean time give that guy in charge of this machine a serious chatting. He obviously does not know a thing about Blogging. All we need is a function that captures the block of text and then asks if we want to Blog it. A bit like the BlogThis! function. Is it really that hard to do?


Ali Mostofi said...

Just to prove a point, I am typing with my left thumb right now on my Blackberry Bold 9000. I hit two spaces I get a full stop. I then start the next sentence automatically Capitalized. It is simple.

Anonymous said...

typing on bold is great experience ... but it will be great if a third party can release a blooger tools for more convenient blogging