Thursday, 12 November 2009

Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx wins

The Bold 2 is so much smaller in every way, but still tough.

It is a mere coincidence, that my annual upgrade for my mobile contract on Vodafone Business (an impeccable service), happens when there are usually quite a bunch of phones, positioning themselves ahead of the Christmas celebrations.

This time I intended to find the best phone that could take over my Blackberry Bold. I was really bored with it. I have three browsers running on it and a plethora of other business and comminication apps. I do a lot with this device. It does post to the web all the news on my so many twitter, blogger, and all those forums, not to mention the comments on the various news sites.

Something I posted a lot about last year, namely cut and paste, has finally been attempted with the touch phones such as iphone and storm, but it really does not compare in tactile accuracy of the likes of Bold. Their new versions still lack all the editing functions a word processor plus traditional keyboard system have. Can you remember the days when there was no touch no mouse and we used to scroll the cursor to find a position to start the copy and then put your finger on the shift key and shade exactly the sentence you wanted. Then we had the ctrl function put in and the whole sentence was selected. You know from a mobile phone's perspective that would be so cool. So I think that the touch phones are all barking up the wrong trees.

So I was really disappointed with the new storm 2 and I even tried the Tattoo which failed from not handling multiple email editing and the LG GM 750 with its optical pointer. Their petty integration with Twitter and Facebook do not really give you the editing functions required for writing.

Here I am writing with the smaller lighter brighter faster bold 2. Well done to the Canadians. This phone is the King of communications. It is not a toy. Want a toy buy an iphone. As a person who sells all these gadgets every day I know the pain with PCs to laptops to netbook, you name it I have used.

Ask me to type something and I will whip out my new Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx, and I can write anything with my poor eye sight and useless finger coordination. I am watching TV, and I can pull it out and it is done. It wins hands down again.

And finally before I forget, there are two musts. One the browser which is better, but I still prefer using Bolt, secondly use Google Sync on it to update your contacts and calendar. There is this very cool search by voice that works with your GPS. So the apps are growing.


Ali Mostofi said...

An update on this whole situation. This morning I noticed that the chrome trim on the left was unstuck just next to the Q and A keys. So it makes a tick sound when you press it, and then it makes a tick sound as it releases itself. Well that was silly, and good old Vodafone are sending another one on Monday. We will see if this is a typical bad batch soon.

Ali Mostofi said...

Oh and if you are into blackberry bold themes then visit this site:

Just click on the link and it will all install automatically.

Ali Mostofi said...

I got the replacement Blackberry Bold 2 Onyx yesterday. Left it on charge, registered the new imei and pin number on the blackberry site, and it worked fine.

Tonight I was trying to find leather themes without much luck that I noticed a vibrating sound as I put the top of the phone down first. It is a rattling sound from inside the top of the phone. I immediately thought that it could be the chrome bit wrapping around the top part of the phone, but it was not that.

Then suddenly noticed the chrome strip opposite the red button on the right hand side had started to become stuck and unstuck, just like the previous model.

So I am now really disappointed with this. Blackberry you messed up. I am sorry but with all the praise in all the other areas, such flaws make this phone unsatisfactory.