Thursday, 10 December 2009

Blogging with S60 browser on Nokia E72 - using copy paste

Go here to be able to copy paste pages from your mobile

We all know the nightmares of copy paste, especially into a blogger post. With the new Nokia E72 you can only do it this way. You need to be able to capture the post by sending it as an email. Then you want to open another browser called Bolt that will shade any area of text and copy it to its clipboard. Yes its clipboard. Yes a pain in the ..... Anyway you then need to open a blogger post page in bolt and a blogger post page in the normal S60 browser and use the ctrl of the key pad and shade the page in bolt over to the S60.

So you ask yourself what a waste of time eh.

Wouldn't it be nice if some geek out there told me or made a tool that allowed us to shade any webpage and give us the option to drop it in any social networking or blogging or forum or whatever post from there was?

The Symbian people are falling behind in this area. The Windows people have a piece of kit called JZ Smartmort which does a grand job of copy paste. And then you got the pinchies as I call them who pinch a sentence or two with their fingers and paste it some where on their itoy. Blackberry does it better than all but you can't get skyfire on bb. And that would be the ultimate solution.

So it looks like this E72 is going back, if nothing else for its built quality. I have had it for four days and it sqweeks and cracks all over the place with that rubbish battery flap on it. It is a shame that both the new Bold 9700 and this new E72 are so poorly made. If I didn't know better i would be thinking that the same factory made them both.

So I will miss the layout of the qwerty but it is nice to have the full stop put there for you on the keybooard without the shift which is the case with the blackberry. But the Nokia will put a cap letter at the beginning of the sentence of a paragraph, but not the sentence after a full here you see it did not make the l into an L. and here again the a is not A.

But look it put the B in after I put a spare line in to start a paragraph. Also the Nokia is dumb to not see an i and convert it to an I in a middle of a sentence.

So that's it for now.

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